Monorail Train Ramp Extension Convertor Light Grey

Monorail Train Ramp Extension Convertor Light Grey

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This is a big product for Brick-Chan.... MonoRail Extension Pieces!

We have been working hard to try and make a 3D printed version of this track so you can extend your much loved original.

This set of x2 pieces will enable you to change the standard Ramp (incline) to accept standard straight sections of track. This will mean the sky is the limit for the size of incline you can create. Add our standard straight sections to this if you don't have enough already!

x1 set of Monorail Ramp (incline) Extension Convertors Light Grey

When ordering please remember that this is made using 3D printing technology so there may be slight variations in surfaces. Colour is a very close match to original Light Grey, but not 100%. If you have questions please send us message and we'll be more than happy to answer.